Yes, yes, I'm migrating this to a new (or worse) CMS. Someday it will be done. Hopefully before the next ice age. Here's some stuff so far...

Date Event Session Language Resources
2017-05-06 SQL Saturday #626 Budapest "Hacking SQL Server" EN Slides/Scripts
2017-05-04 24 Hours of PASS - Security "Hacking SQL Server" EN
2017-04-28 GroupBy "Hacking SQL Server" EN Info | Video | Slides/Scripts
2017-04-19 Actual Training "SQL Indexing Tips" PT Slides/Scripts
2017-04-18 PASS Portuguese VG "SQL Curiosities: A Curiosidade Matou o Gato" PT Video | Slides/Scripts
2017-04-08 SQLBits 2017 "Hacking SQL Server" EN
2017-03-29 Battle of the Beards "Shaven, Not Stirred - Hacking SQL Server" EN Video
2017-02-24 Channel9 "Hacking SQL Server" PT Video
2016-11-28 Channel9 "PowerShell Survival Guide" PT Video

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